Just random musings really.  It seems that one minute you sit and wait until the next event with baited breath, each convention big and small offering you just that bit more of a different option than the last, until the last one of 2011 passes and you are all of a sudden in an expo limbo.  Do you count down the time until the first one in 2012 using your rooted Android phone?  Do you frantically search fleabay for the latest original piece from Romita Jr?  Do you vainly post all over Facebook waiting for a mention from some famous artist somewhere to satisfy your cravings?  Perhaps you simply settle down with family, move into the cellar and wait for the famous pagan festival to pass.

However you pass the time, be sure to keep popping by over the festive break for the latest and greatest news on the UK Comic Convention and Expo scene or simply send us some (nice!) abuse over Twitter.

Have a happy holiday period y’all!

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