DICE AKA Dublin International Comic Con and DCC Dublin Comic Con are both comic conventions held in Dublin.

Statement from Dublin Comic Con DCC

Hi Everyone,

Apparently there has been some confusion doing the rounds lately (apart from a few clarifications arising from the previously run Dublin CITY Comic Con when we first launched Dublin Comic Con this is the first we have heard of it) relating to Dublin Comic Con and D.I.C.E

There is no connection between Dublin Comic Con and D.I.C.E (Dublin International Comic Expo) or Dublin CITY Comic Con which has not ran for several years.
Dublin Comic Con will be running in a similar vein as other Comic Cons around the world (which involves covering all range of genres from movies and T.V shows to comics and games) as opposed to D.I.C.E which is just Comic orientated.

All of our guests (actors, SFX, comic) and those inquiring about our convention either send or receive correspondence from our email address (info@dublincomiccon.com) and are directed to our website (www.dublincomiccon.com) or Facebook page for further information so there should be no confusion on our end as we distinctly identify ourselves.

We are fans ourselves first and foremost and we want to see the convention scene in Ireland grow along with the co operation between groups and events. We will be having other events organizers such as Arcade Con and Dublin Mini Maker Faire at Dublin Comic Con to promote their own unique events as well as groups such as the 501st Ireland and The RPF present to spread the word of who they are and what they do.

We have attended D.I.C.E, Arcade Con, Eirtakon and many other events in the past (in our costumes as part of Predators Ireland) and wish them all the best with their future events. As always, if we can help any group or other convention in any way we can, then do not hesitate to ask.

All the best
Dublin Comic Con

And the one from DICE

Dear all,

Just in relation to some confusion that’s been doing the rounds lately both with the general public and Comic Professionals.

We are in no way associated with the dublin comic con event being organized by the Predator Ireland costuming group.

Yes we used to run an event called Dublin City Comic Con for 4 years, but that was before D.I.C.E. (Dublin International Comics Expo)

And while the event names are a little close (some would say too close) and are causing confusion we don’t hold the copyright to it and Bryan and Karl aren’t beholden to anyone to not use a specific name for any reason. We dropped Comic Con from our title as it created connotations with being associated with Comic Con International, the company that run the San Diego event and others each year and that was not the case.

We wish them all the best with their show and if I was in the country during it I’d attend it, but ours is a different event and is a Comic Book Convention focused on Comic Books, their creators, publishers and the associated media around them, We’re not into the same things and our shows have very different goals as evident by our list of guests. We don’t have anyone specializing in props or visual effects. Purely Comic Book creators and are lucky that we have the support of both Marvel and DC.

Unfortunately, some people, Comic professionals included haven’t had that distinction made clear to them and I’d like this to clarify the situation.

The only people able to invite guests to D.I.C.E. are John Hendrick or Bruno Batista. D.I.C.E. will be held 27th-29th of September. It is the second event held with this name and is run exclusively by us at The Big Bang Comic Book Store.

Lastly, it’s great to see so many events held this year and shows just how keen the pubic is to get involved with what some of are lucky enough to do as a profession. We wish anyone brave enough to put their neck out there and organize an event the best of luck.

Cheers and see you in store,


So there you go now Dublin has 2 conventions