The Kurtz Joiner Archive released a new guest they’re having at the expo, that’s great! Right? Well, who is it I can hear you shouting! Truth is, we don’t know.

The message was as follows:-

Bonus Guest Annoncement for Elstree: We have found one of the pilots from this scene in Star Wars. He also portrayed a Stormtrooper in several scenes. This is a first time appearance! Due to past issues with people trying to book our guests to other events, this artist’s name will not be released until the event itself.

Star Wars Pilot Scene Death Star

Other guests include:

  • Gary Kurtz (The producer! Who also helped direct the film sometimes)
  • Colin Skeaping (Luke’s stunt double! Who also helped with Batman and Mr.Bean, strange mix.)
  • Anthony Wayne (No, not the US army general. The assistant director for a new hope.)

Information is a little vague on the guests, but the gold pass allows 12 free signatures, so we assume there’s more guests to come.

At £110, there better be more! £110 is usually what you would pay for a VIP pass, but it’s over £1000 for a VIP pass for this one.