Big news!

So, what was the big news this weekend?  The UK upsetting the French and the Germans?  The EU summit on the debt crisis?  The UN’s climate deal reaching a conclusion?  Global economic meltdown?  Nope, none of the above.  The biggest news this weekend was the announcement that none other than the single biggest name in the comics industry, Mr Stan “The Man” Lee is to visit the UK for a convention for the first time since many of us were born (and certainly only the more mature would remember).  Just to confirm in case you misread it, Stan Lee will be attending the London Super Comic Convention at the Excel Centre on February 25th and 26th of 2012!

Why is this big news?

The influence of Stan Lee on the comics industry cannot be exaggerated.  The man behind the creation of Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, the X-Men (and many, many more characters) is nothing less than a true living legend.  Still going strong at the ripe young age of 89, there’ll be no shortage of people queuing to meet the larger-than-life character.  The industry does owe a debt of gratitude to the father of modern comics.

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Buy tickets now!

Mere weeks after the announcement of the Kapow dates and first lineup of guests is revealed, the team behind the London Comic Convention have pulled the biggest scoop of the year so far and now appear to be the best value comic con in the UK in 2012 in terms of guests and ticket costs.  For sure the line to meet the man will be huge, but if you are going to have problems, this must rank as one of the nicest ones to have.  I am sure you’d all be happy joining us in thanking the team behind the London Super Comic Convention for their incredible hard work in bringing someone of this quality to our shores.

Stan Lee at UK comic con

One last thought…

Mr Millar, how are you going to top this one?