The winner of best convention of 2014, as voted for by you, the general public, goes to the previously little known, SunnyCon.

According to the website, SunnyCon is the UK’s fastest growing anime convention which is held annually in Sunderland.  Previous voice acting guests appearing at SunnyCon included Chris Sabat, Veronica Taylor, Vic Mignogna, Sonny Strait, Cristina Vee and MasakoX.

Last year’s run away winners, Wales Comic Con, put on a valiant effort but even the rallying cries that proved so strong in the run up last year failed to dent the loyalty of the SunnyCon followers who polled nearly 600 individual votes to take top place.

Wigan Comic Con took a respectable third place with London Super Comic Convention polling fourth and Leamington Comic Con polling fifth.

As ever, we insist the poll is just for fun (no recounts!).  Conventions are highly subjective and individual taste and differing agendas play a huge part in the personal experience of the convention. The year 2014 saw another incremental increase in the number of conventions in comparison with the previous year (and remember, we only list comic related events) and 2015 certainly looks like it’s growing again.  Whether big or small, the rise in conventions can only have a long term positive effect on the comics industry and we welcome the rise in well-organised events across the country.

We hope to see you at an event in 2015 at some point, until then, we hope you all have a great New Year!