Superman, Action Comics #19 “Hybrid, part 1”Another “action comic” that lives up to it’s name, with non-stop action at it’s most explosive! So without giving too much away, here are the highlights of this exciting new issue; There is a brief but personal and almost touching (excuse the pun) moment between Clark and Lois, superman is up against huge robots which are controlled by man and after a dynamite battle sequence, we discover that the “most dangerous man on the planet”, Lex Luthor! Is back with a deviously ingenious and seemingly full proof plan to take down the man of steel once and for all, in yet another continuously interesting plot line from the new 52! Series…

This issue comes complete with a fantastic pull-out cover…The artwork and layout is immaculate, the whole comic has expert timing, and even the panels seem to move in a way that just feels fluent and right to read!

Different tones of light and expert colouring make for an almost 3d appearance, the explosions really do seem to explode giving a real movie-like quality to it’s pages. The sfx are creatively fresh, making this action comic even louder than the most earth shattering of superman adventures! A truly inspirational reading experience that’s got me hooked.

– Dylan montu Butcher. 😀

Thanks for supplying the comic A Place In Space

Writer: Andy Diggle Pencils: Tony S. Daniel Inks: Batt

Colours: Tomeu Morey Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

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