Whether you’ve been following the new 52 action comic’s, or you’re just a fan of Superman in general then this is really not one you wanna miss out on reading! I’ve read a few of the action comic’s so far and i’ve got to admit I haven’t been overly impressed, but this one is what Superman’s all about, and it is the perfect end to the Hybrid-trilogy. We have more from Lois, in fact she plays an important role in this issue, and it also includes a look at her current relationship status with Clark… Jimmy Olsen is also involved in the plot as most of you already know, and Lex Luthor is at his most power hungry, fully equipped in his hard-bodied war-suit, he proves to us yet again that he really is a worthy foe for the man-of-steel, even if he is a mere mortal!


With the plot and script by the combined efforts of Andy Diggle and Tony S.Daniel, their hard work has paid off, and been enjoyed greatly by myself and a lot of other fans. The way it has been scripted has got a real, human feel to it, it has a very natural flow and the story is tied together seamlessly. I think the layout of the dialogue boxes and balloons play just as much a part in it’s fluency and gives this comic a very clear, easy to read and well timed, high-quality finish!

The lettering is bold and clear too. Very professional. SFX are something really special, bringing with them an energy almost as electrifying as electricity itself, and moving in a way that adds ferocity to Luthor’s attacks and Superman’s comebacks!

superman action comics #21


Tony S.Daniel shows off all of his talents as he is not only involved in the creation of this great plot and script but he is the talent behind the lead aswell… Don’t worry Clark, I mean lead as in pencils. His slick, simplistic and realistic approach works wonders for Superman and has given all of the characters an unforgettable look and individuality, which will live on for years to come.

The ink is used in a way that honours Daniel’s works and pays homage to them. The bright blue of Superman’s suit and piercing eyes brings the “hope” that he represents new meaning in these dark and troubled times, the red and dark green tones overpowering the pages as the battle breaks out beneath the concrete of Metropolis, and the orange sunrise as the fight ends on ground-level shows further hope in the shadow of Lex Luthor’s chaos. All in all the art is impressive, and is very well adapted to Superman; it’s characters especially. I would mention the cover-art but to be frank about it, I’ve seen better, and thought it could be better suited to this issue’s plot and action sequences.

ALSO!… “THE WORLD OF KRYPTON PART 2: DISSENSION”, is a very short but explosive instalment, with a cool story-line and sublime inks and colour. Enjoy absolutely ALL of this comic’s action sequences!


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