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Did the Thought Bubble burs...

rafael alberquerque punisher small

This is one of those conventions on the calendar that everyone seems to eagerly anticipate.  As a festival it sits in a reasonably unique niche, somehow managing to attract the big names and bring in the arty types too.  Small press, the trinket stalls, Olly Moss, cosplay, dealers, artists, writers…it seems to manage to hit […]


darkseid #1

DARKSEID #1 Please keep in mind that this is not a graphic novel; it is a comic, and should be approached as such. Rummaging through the comics on display at A place in space, like a kid in a sweet shop, undecided with all the villainous covers laid out before me, there was Darkseid, – […]


infinity #3

INFINITY: PART THREE OF SIX                           “KINGDOMS FALL” As the righteous emerge from the looming darkness, cast by the destroyers monstrous shadow… The forces of good are beginning to regain control of the universe after the hardships they had to face, in the what seemed to be hopeless attempts they made to warn off the […]

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