Published by Image and “Joe’s comics”, this dark and tragic tale from the possibly slightly-disturbed mind of J.Micheal Straczynski is beautifully portrayed from both a heavenly perspective, right down to it’s revolting demonic depths! The lead man Joe Fitzgerald IS the new John Constantine, an ex hit-man turned paranormal detective, who is out for revenge after the tragic death of his girlfriend Laura. Joe has no other choice but to join forces with the angels to help combat the demons that roam our world; but this is more than just a job for Joe, it’s a personal journey, a tale of love, hate and revenge…

ten grand mid shot

I love the sketchy, and at times “fear and loathing in Las Vegas” style of the art and characters that make this comic truly special, thanks to Ben Templesmith. The colouring is equally as elegant and gothic, the colour-washed style sets the scene effectively, and draws out all of it’s ‘personal feelings’ while imprinting them onto our influential brains! The tones change along with Joe’s personal sighting’s, invoking Joe’s feelings within us… all very thoughtful, from the moody blues to the fearful greens, heavenly white and hellfire red it is this artistry that really determines the timing and flow of the whole comic.

Obviously we can’t forget about the abstract lettering which works very well with the one of a kind scripting and artwork. In a nut shell this issue sees the debut of TEN GRAND, a comic that deserves all of the recognition it can get regardless of personal preference. Author Straczynski gives us an interesting insight, along with further incentives to follow “Joe’s comics”, and the ten grand series in a two page ‘letter’ at the end of this first instalment, which has without a doubt  left it’s mark on my mind…

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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