Bloody brilliant! I’ve been itching to read this comic since I saw it on the shelves, and I finally got my copy(with digital copy included!)thanks to, and I am so pleased that I did too… It is definitely worth all of the hype! With all the fame now surrounding  Thanos, since his after the credits appearance, in true to be continued form in avengers assemble, he has now earned himself a role in his very own comic leading up to his big screen debut.

THANOS RISING #1 gives us a greater understanding of the character, looking back at his troubled childhood and the possible reasons as to why he may have turned to the dark side! The double page spread, star wars style sci-fi  intro gives the comic an epic touch of artistry , with title THANOS RISING in big letters across both pages, along with the credits below, shows that it’s creators have put a lot of time and thought into successfully making this comic into a galactic force of it’s own.

thanos #1

Starting the story on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, (…well what’s left of it after Thanos the destroyer turned it to ashes!) Thanos returns to his home planet “to remember who he is” giving us a full flashback, from birth right up to school. He was a good boy, happy and full of life; and although he was misunderstood because of the way he looked and his high I.Q, he was still accepted into a small circle of friends. He tries so hard to be like the others, and all the while his father is too busy with work to listen to him, his mother is in a straight jacket and padded cell after trying to murder her own baby after he was born, and a mysterious girl tries her best to corrupt him in an attempt to turn him into who or what he truly is… After a series of unfortunate events caused by this mystery girl, it seems as though she is successful in her attempts and Thanos starts to crack up… and on this cliffhanger we are left to impatiently wait for THANOS RISING #2…

I am a big fan of Simone Bianchi’s artwork, together with the wonderful colour work of Simone Peruzzi, the two artists are a perfect match! Their artwork has a fittingly grim undertone throughout, but the tones of light are beautifully illustrated giving brief glimpses of hope also, portraying to us the good and the innocence that Thanos originally stood for before he was misled and manipulated. All the elements blend together effortlessly , giving the comic a very fluent and natural feel, this also applies to the plotline which is very well written by Jason Aaron. Lettering by VC’s Clayton Cowles; and sound effects are professionally placed and timed making the comic a pleasure to read.

In a nut-shell, this is a really, really good comic which stays true to the whole marvel now!, intergalactic, sci-fi genre; and a disturbingly beautiful way to give Thanos his well deserved new age debut #1!

-Dylan montu Butcher.

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