Well the last announcement of guests has been announced by LSCC for next months 2nd UK annual event. As follows

Mark Farmer

Nei Ruffino

Rebekah Isaacs

Paolo Pantalena

Rufus Dayglo

Vassilis Gogtzilas

Nick Spencer

We knew a few before hand, with the likes of Nei, who generally tags along with JSC.

So there we have it, 74 mainstream comic creators in one place, easily making it the largest gathering this side of the pond.

You may ask, Where is the big names, Jim Lee, Robert Kirkman the guys of the moment. So I will ask you a question back.

You can choose between

1. Jim Lee and 10 guests

2. No Jim Lee and 74 guests.

Well No 2 any day of the week. Who headlines shows like NYCC? I cant tell you as no one does.