Well most of you would have been delighted with the news we broke this afternoon, I myself was but alas it turned out to be completely bogus. I have also had this confirmed from another source, who has been in contact with Steve Ditko this afternoon to clarify this and NO, Mr Ditko has no immediate inclinations to be attending London Super Comic Con or any other that we know of.

I am as disappointed as many, I guess I was suckered in with the thought of how you could beat having Stan Lee at a UK comic convention and this seemed plausible. We know LSCC have the money to bring in big names, we also know LSCC have the contacts as well.  Unfortunately this story got picked up my some main-stream media and snowballed from there on in.

As soon as we found out concerning this bogus name, we did update our post to reflect this, and would also like to apologise to Mr Ditko himself and anyone else that may have been affected by the story.