Well we are half way through the year in conventions and time to tell you about the high and lows so far. We started off with London Super Comic Con, which set the benchmark. What I consider a comic convention.  Yes they had teething problems, yes the hall was sparse BUT they delivered on what they promoted, ” A convention concerning comics”.  And that they did. Big things are sure to come in 2013, so I have been told. Cardiff which was held on the same weekend suffered, they had great guests but couldn’t compete with Stan the Man.

My next appearance was at Bristol, this was a chilled out con, not overly busy not overly quiet, some great deals to be had for the punters down there. Hopefully still on next year.

I then wasted the next weekend at Kapow. I have just read a review that put Kapow and San Diego in the same sentence. Seriously, I will tell you exactly how they match up after I visit San Diego next week. Also reckoned 5,000 visitors each day, hmmmm not sure about that either, didnt seem busy at all, but guess most people were queueing. This convention insn’t the UK equivalent of San Diego, and without having some major improvements is unlikely ever to be. I mean a convention where you cannot even meet the headliners properly.

Next was Melksham, and what a rising gem this could turn out to be. Hopefully we will see it next year, what do you think Hayley?

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Whats next?  Well Glasgow this weekend, we dont have any presence there (editors note: yes we do…)(Doms note: well I didnt know know someone was sneaking up there), but do have some friends going who I am sure we can get a review from them, that’s after he has decided what Grant Morrison is signing for him. We also have London Film and Comic Con, mainly on the film side with some great guests…the norm for Showmasters, unfortunately some guests have cancelled.

I am personally looking forward to NICE, this should be a great weekend and I am sure they have more to come. Then what I consider to be up there with the best Thought Bubble in Leeds, comics and very chilled out.  The crowd seems to die down on Sunday but again I will be there with family and friends for another great weekend.

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