The Walking Dead has become a very popular comic series, and perhaps an even more popular TV program, so it’s no surprise that some of the actors are appearing at conventions as special guests.  The most recent we’ve heard of is the Birmingham MCM, who have three guests from the TV show (If you’re more of a comic fan, maybe you should hold off until Kapow! As they have Charlie Adlard).

Chandler Riggs – Carl Grimes. Obviously this is Rick’s son, this was Chandler’s big break, I say “Big break” but he’s hardly even a teenager yet. He’s also appeared in Get low, Terminus and The Wronged Man.

Mellissa Suzanne McBride –Again probably best known for her work on The Walking Dead, as Carol Peletier, but she has also been in a lot more. Currently she is working on something called “The Proxy” that may be worth asking about. She’s also been on “Walker, Texas Ranger” so perhaps you should just shout “Chuck Norris!” at her. She’s played a lot of roles in “Odd episodes” by that I mean she just appears in a random few.

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Madison Lintz – Madison was only six years old when she started acting, so it’s no real surprise that she has worked in less than Chandler Riggs, clearly people have noticed her from her role in the Walking Dead, where she played “Sophia Peletier” (Daughter of Carol Peletier) as she’s already working on two new things “After” and “Parental Guidance” . Other than this, she had a role on “It’s Supernatural” and a few adverts.

All these guests, and more at MCM Birmingham.