The superior Spider-man #7

Ok, so this is the first of this series that I’ve actually read, and from the “re-cap” at the start of the comic I was kinda taken aback by the strange plotline that has already begun. So for those who don’t know already, Otto Octavius cheated death and when doing so, unwittingly exchanged bodies with Peter Parker thus gaining his powers and memories, but also an understanding of the responsibilities he has as a superhero. Yes you read it right, doc Ock is now spider-man! Strange but true… But a small piece of Peter is still in there; following and watching over ock’s every movement like a ghost! Not just that but the Avengers have decided to recruit spidey in his current state, also keeping a close eye on him at the same time.

So in this issue, “troubled mind, part one” the focus is solely on Spidey, with his every movement being questioned(with good reason!), he tries to violently apprehend Cardiac who is not just one of the good guys, but also happens to be on a mission to procure the only device on the planet that can save the life of a little girl who is suffering from severe brain damage. Also things get a little bit thicker regarding the Avengers as they are now sure that spider-man really isn’t his usual self, but he isn’t making things any easier for himself either, as he puts up a fight against all of them, including Wolverine! At this point we are left guessing what might come next as any good comic should.

The artwork strikes me as being cartoon-ey but realistic, all rolled into one. The illustrations suit the story perfectly well, Spideys suit, new look and webbing is particularly detailed, as is the ghost of Peter Parker, and seems to stand out the most, and the good ol’ spidey action sequences are well portrayed with speed lines to further intensify the feel of his agilities. Saying that, nothing has been over done either as far as I can tell, and the comics timing is on-point. Something that really stands out for me is the panel work giving the comic an undiluted fluency like no other, definitely one of the best in it’s class, and the colouring is just as good, it’s very bright, and again this really suits the story.

All in all this comic is a smooth web-spun cruise from start to finish, and stands out from the more obvious of spidey capers without a shadow of a doubt!

The creator’s have given the sound effects and the lettering the attention they deserve, and have clearly tried to be creative in their appearance, size, font and over-all style throughout the comic, in such a way that mirrors the clarity and smoothness of the rest of it’s assets.

The “sup spider-man” column to the back of the comic, contains readers views and opinions and is both amusing and interesting to read too… a nice touch from marvel comics!

– Dylan montu Butcher. 😀

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Dan Slott                      WRITER

Victor Olazaba              INKER

Humberto Ramos          PENCILER

Edgar Delgado              COLOUR ART

Chris Eliopoulos           LETTERER