THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8 PART 2: PROOF POSITIVE… I recently received this great comic from A place in space, in it’s very own comic bag with back board- which saves me a job- so a big cheers for doing that guys! It also contains the bonus digital edition, with it’s own exclusive content… As the strange new twist of fate for spider-man continues to amaze us, Dan Slott has more interesting ideas to throw our way and hold our attention, and it’s got me asking the question, just when -if ever!- will he bring back Peter Parker from his ghost-like state and put him back into his rightful body?! Well after reading this issue it is clear that doc-oc is making himself right at home in peter’s body and making his own impression on the world as spider-man!

So at the end of issue 7, we were left with spidey sparking a fight with the avengers who had recently recruited him; although after they witnessed that he was acting dangerously and out of character, they pulled him up on this, and tried to detain him to run tests. Issue 8 begins mid-battle between the avengers and spidey in a 2 page spread, -with panels to show the progression of the fight- and it’s not long before the avengers take him down and get him ready and prepped for testing! To peter’s dismay the avengers do not seem to have discovered any change in him, but doc oc did spot an abnormality in his own brain pattern even if none of the avengers did! It would seem now that the avenger’s plan to unveil the truth about spider-man has back-fired and actually worked against Peter Parker, as the minor anomaly in his brain is of course Peter Parker himself!-or at least what’s left of him- So far all of peter’s attempts to take control of his own body at least enough to give someone, anyone, a sign have been futile. As he continues to cry out for help and figure out a way to warn people, the doc continues to enjoy his new found power as the super-hero rather than the super-villain; and he is certainly making a lasting impression.

the superior spider-man #8

Doc is after the neurolytic scanner once again and has another dynamite-bout with cardiac, but rather than taking the scanner from the dying girl’s head he actually helps to operate on her and in turn saves the little girls life, makes peace with cardiac, and finally gets his sticky new-mitts on the scanner after-all… How frustrating!  So will doc-oc find what’s left of his predecessor and wipe him out completely? Well peeps; this is yet to be seen…

This issue has stayed consistent to the series, all of it’s creators have clearly worked their spidey-socks off to bring us this comic with as much fluency and dedication as they can; and they have done their job admirably! The colouring really stood out for me when reading this issue, making the artwork and lettering as vibrant and exciting as any good Marvel comic. Needless to say the creators have succeeded in grasping my full attention from start to finish, and have left me wanting more! The superior spider-man is simply captivating.


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