OK so who wants to know what the deal is with Peter Parker?… Well you’re in luck, because this is the issue that reveals all! Not only that, BUT you will even get to see Peter Parker as Spider-man once again! And if you are lucky enough to have the marvel AR app, then this makes for an interesting companion to this already great issue too, whether you have been following this series or not, the AR feature is both fun and informative for everyone… If you would like to catch up on events from the previous issue, or you just wanna check out what I thought of it! Then you can do so by going here:-

On with the comic then which is Set in the mind of Peter Parker, the doc is hellbent on flushing all traces of him out for good; but Peter is not going anywhere without a fight- because with great power… well, you know the rest!- doc has found Peter in the green, foggy depths of his mind, where the places, the people and even the spider’s he knows and loves seem distant and jumbled up. The only way to beat doctor Octopus now is to dig-deep, and hold on to the last traces of himself before it’s too late. This issue see’s the return of alot of familiar faces, and some of spidey’s greatest foes too! The fight is truly on, and this confrontation of opposing minds is better than I expected… Writer Dan Slott has really plugged into the raw emotions behind the spider, and I personally feel that this is one of spidey and doc oc’s greatest battles ever! After a questionable and often comical plot, the events of troubled mind part two, give us the answers that we’ve been looking for, including what makes the hero a super-hero? And has Peter Parker got the strength to defeat  doc oc’ with such little resources? Reminiscent of Bruce Wayne getting back possession of the cowl from Azreal in the knightfall series, this has many similarities in both it’s story and it’s psychological-nature, and ultimately there can be only one true spider-man!

the superior spider-man #9 midshot

Keeping consistent with previous issues, and the amazing work of it’s creator’s the artwork is smooth and crisp, lettering and sfx clear and captivating, and the colouring got my attention again as it set the mood very accurately. I especially like the minor details as they are what really tell the story in this issue, the green-washed world is swamped by an eerie fog -possibly a depiction of Peter’s limited capability to remember his life, as doc’ oc’ tries his best to wipe him out completely- and it depicts the comics events beautifully, as do the mixed-up letters above the daily bugle and Peters high school… I won’t be forgetting the cover art in a hurry either, everything about it is brilliant! No matter how much work goes into the covers of comic-books, it can be quite rare to find one that really stands out from the crowd, and this is definitely one of them.

This installment is packed full of everything you’ve been waiting for, and easily one of spidey’s greatest battles of all time too… This is NOT one to miss!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀


A place in space

Dan Slott                           Edgar Delgado

Chris Eliopoulos              Ryan Stegman


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