The Transformers: regeneration one #93

Publisher IDW, writer Simon Furman and artist Guido Guidi have turned the hugely popular toy-franchise into a long-running sci-fi adventure in the world of comic-books, only as it rolls on (and on and on and on and on….)  does it not risk becoming a little bit stale and Unimaginative? If you like the old cartoons then you will find this comic entertaining at best, as it is exactly like kids Saturday morning animation from 10 + years ago that’s been copied and printed on paper from the art and colour to the way It’s been written and even the lettering. Now I love cartoons (who doesn’t?!) but the comic hasn’t grabbed my attention in the way I was hoping it would. For starters the script is long-winded, which is not actually an issue when your watching cartoon characters ramble on about every technicality on TV, but it does begin to tire the eyes when you’ve got to read them doing it from start to exhausting finish, it takes away the magic that reading a comic brings to the imagination, you know when you get a voice in mind and it’s so exciting to hear that it makes you want to read on? Well in this case I found myself becoming so disconnected from the characters that I started to skip pages; I mean I know they’re robots and all but even Wall-e’s got a human touch, something you can relate to on a personal level. The story in itself is, I’m sure very good if you’re a regular reader of The Transformers and able to keep up with all the digital-jargon; but if not then there’s not a lot that will draw you into the plot as a new reader of the series. I would be tempted to say I really liked the square dialogue balloons because they match the robots they belong to like Lego-blocks, well that’s if they weren’t a constant reminder of the cold, metal and soulless character’s and the monotone voices that fill them in the first place.


The best thing about this issue would have to be the 3 variant covers on offer -not that I would want to waste money on them or anything- my copy being “cover A”, which is in my opinion the best of the three! And to be fair the art is enjoyable to look at in a nostalgic, “I remember when cartoons were good” kind of a way! So if you’re after some mind-numbing, painfully- drab candy for the brain, at a time when you’ve got nothing better to do then this is a comic for you to glaze-over to at that chosen moment.

By Dylan Butcher. :/

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