When I first heard about the TV series, I was already bored to death of the old living-dead style zombie-films so I didn’t even give it the time of day (I had not read the comic either!). Since then I have heard nothing but great things about the entire franchise (comics, games, tv series etc…) The most popular statements about it being how likeable the characters are. Anyhow, after hearing all these wonderful things and being given the pleasure of reviewing issue 113 in the monthly comic series, I have discovered that The Walking Dead franchise really is all it’s cracked up to be, and it’s presently one of the deadliest weapons in publisher “Image’s” arsenal…

the walking dead #113

“We don’t die… You and me… That’s the rule. We don’t die…” The wise words of Andrea as she waits patiently in the watch tower, sniper-rifle to hand ready to pick off any more scum who are working against them! Meanwhile, Rick and the gang are on ground-level at the mercy of Neagan; things get a bit messy in this instalment but just how is it all gonna pan out?…  Creator and writer Robert Kirkman continues to keep the story fresh, and his characters/the script entertaining to read in every single dialogue balloon. The art is a moody black and white (and grey) series of realistic panels that have been executed to perfection by the very talented artists Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. Although i’m not -as a rule- a lover of black and white illustrated comics, this is one of those rare exceptions. You will feel every punch in the gut and KRAK to the forehead, the most violent comic I have witnessed for a while and its no bull’-approach to a good fight for ones very survival in the flesh-eaten world, would risk being lifeless if it had been portrayed in any other way! Each scene has timing like the popular TV series of the same name so if you like watching that, you will definitely enjoy reading this. You will find an immediate connection to each and every character even the ones you don’t like! And root for the ones you want to see kick-ass along the way too!

So, in conclusion; every stroke of creativity that’s been put in works together just as well as the relationships of the fantastic characters involved, resulting in an altogether compelling read, and #113 is just another example of its obvious consistencies. I am not easily swayed, but if “The Walking Dead” is a cult of some sort they have certainly found a follower in me!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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Writer and creator: Robert Kirkman          Penciler, inker and cover: Charlie Adlard         Grey tones, cover colour:  Cliff Rathburn

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