“There is nothing he can’t steal, nothing he can’t have… except for the life he left behind”… THIEF OF THIEVES #13.  Published by image, we are greeted with a ‘hand of the thief’, reaching across the cover in true, retro crime-drama style; the lead character sits in an interrogation room with guns, knives and ammo all layed out in front of him, thanks to the slick artistry of Shawn Martinbrough. Everything from the story to the art-work is ultra modernised, making for a very current and very real read indeed!

Father and son are both thieves and are out for the big score, they make a clever but narrow escape from an action packed heist-gone-wrong right at the start of this issue -all very exciting stuff!- but instead of celebrating their escape, they have a heated disagreement resulting in dear old dad(Conrad Paulson) getting a WRACKK! round the chops by his rogue son (Augustus Paulson AKA Redmond -as he is known in the world of crime in which he has made his living from!-), and they part their ways… for now! Meanwhile a latino gang-banger blows his own brains out in front of his homies after a brief phone-call from their psychopathic gang boss “Lola“, and you will see why he would do something this erratic very soon… Redmond’s girlfriend Emma,is in the custody of the FBI and is being questioned about him, and put it like this, the end of this issue is just as captivating and thrilling as the start and the middle, with a climax that will leave you in-awe and wanting more!




This is a comic that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time… The story, script, art, ink, sfx, lettering etc, etc… are all elements that are each as strong as the last, and the completed product is as hard a**e as the best crime drama’s out there whether written or televised! Speaking of which, there are rumours circulating that the comic will be getting it’s own tv series, and I for one hope that it does as it truly is worthy of it! It has the potential to be one of the most adrenaline-fuelled, gripping shows on tv, but whether it makes it or not depends on if it is produced as creatively as the illustrated original is. No matter what’s in store for “thief of thieves” it will still continue to be a great modern comic.


Big thanks to A place in space for  this great comic and issue, which was sent to me in comic bag and with back board too. 🙂

Also a massive shout out to all those involved in the thief of thieves creation:-

Robert Kirkman                  James Asmus

Rus Wooton                         Shawn Martinbrough

Felix Serrano


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