If you love the recent marvel films, which most of us do! And you are looking forward to seeing THE DARK WORLD which is coming out in cinemas this year, then this is the comic for you. All of the characters we know from the Thor movie/s have been cloned in a fully illustrated 2 part special.


The comic tells of the events which have taken place since “Avengers assemble”, and before “the dark world”. Chaos has erupted across the 9 realms in the abscense of Thor and his family. Thor feels partly responsible as the universe only went nuts while he was off defeating Loki and saving Jotunheim. Loki has more tricks up his sleeves, and his next mischevious plan has got something to do with the tesseract (again).


I am impressed with all aspects of this comic actually, I am always critical about any comic that has spun off from a movie, game, etc, because I believe that the use of pictures taken from the movie is just a way to sell more comics- which, to be fair isn’t all bad as it helps to widen the audience further making comics more and more popular in the process, so in a way the clever marketing is actually helping comic-books in such a way that is not only earning Marvel/Disney more billions but is also getting more public interest in the genre itself. Also I believe that comics are such a strong force in themselves that they don’t need any “help” whatsoever from the movie world, as they should be the sole originality and driving force behind all other media… and not the other way around! BUT as I said this comic is extremely well created, the dialogue stays true to THOR in all of his originality, and all of the other-worldly dialogue is in the original Asgardian text as it should be! The script is fantastic, a real pleasure to read. SFX are clearly some of the best from the Marvel universe although some could have been a little more creative, the sound of the tesseract when it’s in action was a bit of a flop.

thor the dark world prelude #1


All the characters have been accurately cloned to appeal to the Marvel-movie-lovers, and all of the creative team have worked hard to produce a stand-out comic that will appeal to everyone. The pencils, colours and inks work together in perfect harmony, and one thing that immediately caught my attention was Thor’s costume. The colours used to create his new-look suit, are brighter than the dulled, colour-drained suit that Thor had to wear for the movies, so even though it is made to look like the one in the movies, the one in this comic actually makes the one in the movies look better!


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