After waking up my 8 year old son at 5.30am whilst trying to find out what the time was he decided we should get up and make our way to Thought Bubble. After a short drive we rocked up at 7.30am to find nobody queueing for the main hall. After a quick cup of tea, my son and I took our places at the front of the queue. With a little over two hours to wait til the doors opened, we chatted to people in the queue, swapping stories and photos of sketches from past conventions which managed to run down the time til opening.

As soon as the doors opened it was like a stampede.  Both Tim Sale and Adam Hughes were down at the far end of the hall so the queue split up into two packs and the lines formed behind each respective desk. My son and I went for Tim Sale, knowing that I had an interview with Adam Hughes later on. We got our first sketch of the day from Tim Sale and also organised a convention commission from him (which can be found in the sketches from Thought Bubble page). With so many great artists there it was difficult to know exactly where to go. Adi Granov was one that had been recommended to me to get a sketch from. This was organised and my pad was left with his wife, Tamsin who was great at sorting out Adi’s workload for the show. The next couple of hours went by so fast, it was back to Tim Sale to get my commission sketch done, my son kept going back to see Roger Langridge do his drawings, and to buy some comics from him.

I had my interview with Adam Hughes at around 2pm, I apologised to those waiting in the queue to have comics signed By Adam, as Allison made them all wait until I had finished the interview. This went great, this interview can be found here. A few more sketches later it was about time to make our way back to the hotel.  With heavy bags in hand and sporting sore feet we walk the short 10 minutes back to the Marriott, relaxed, ordered room service and crashed for the night.

The next day it was time to attack The Armories hall.  Arriving later than yesterday we joined the queue inside this time, so no need to get cold and as soon as the doors opened it was straight over to queue for Barry Kitson, who my son had been pestering me the day before to have a sketch done from. If you have never been to a convention before you will not know that Barry Kitson does what I might consider the best convention sketches going for free. My son and I took turns to wait in line and explored the other hall, grabbing a few sketches in between.

They did have a hunt the lego figures and armed with my camera phone my son set off to find them, returning 10 mins later with a free goody bag for completing it.

Saturday was busy, Sunday it seemed more chilled out, those that had a weekend pass had seen Tim Sale and Adam Hughes on Saturday and I did see on several occasions no one queuing for either of them, hopefully giving their arms a bit of a rest. Sunday a few of the artists turned up late, I wont try and make excuses for them but I think that alcohol may well have played a part.  One artist who shall remain nameless strolled in at 3pm to take his place to start some sketches. He would admit himself he wasn’t feeling very perky and had a 50 min flight home that very evening. I do hope he managed to get home ok.  I did get a sketch from him on Sunday and it turned out fine!


Would I go here again?

Yes I think I would, but I would probably do things different. It’s a great crowd as I already said with Sunday being more chilled out than Saturday.

Highlight of the weekend

Most definitely interviewing Adam Hughes.

Bargain of the weekend

Buying 4 pages of published artwork, 2 Nova and 2 Marvel Zombies 3 from Kev Walker.

Best rumour of the weekend

Well two actually.

Adam Hughes has time booked off for something big next year, as far as we found out he will be attending conventions at the start of the year and hopefully be finished whatever he is doing by NYCC next year. What is he doing you might ask? Haven’t a clue sorry.

Doug Braithwaite could be attending Canny Comic Con in Newcastle next year.

Funniest Moment of the Weekend

Adam Hughes on day one getting stopped by a volunter at the doors trying to get in and it went something like this

“Hi, who are you”

“Adam Hughes”

“Ok, are you exhibiting here today”

I would have been tempted to say do you know who I am. The fact that the whole show was effectively billed by Adam Hughes and Tim Sale.

Sympathy vote for the weekend

Boo Cook for free sketches whilst sneezing and having the worst cold. At least he got some tissues but I am sure they didn’t last long.

Artist of the weekend

I have two, David Aja for setting fire to a sketch as part of Iron Fist and Barry Kitson for producing some extraordinary sketches.

Excuse of the weekend

He wont be mentioned by name, but he is a UK artist a penciller and inker who said he “Was having a weekend off from sketching”

What exactly were you doing there with a table then? Just come as a guest then at least we’d know!


I have to say thanks to some people, Jack Lawerence aka Jackademus for a great Iron Man for my son.  Ian Churchill as my son wants to start reading Marineman, John Watson for his laid back approach to everything, Barry Kitson for his Thing.

All those artists that help me with the 3 minute sketch.


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