Vic Mignogna has been announced as a guest for MCM Birmingham, not familiar with him? He’s the talented voice actor behind Edward Elric (Who I hope you all know, from Full Metal Alchemist!) He has done a lot of fan favourite roles in various animes, from Dragonball Z, to Ouran Host School Club! He’s also voiced a few game characters, such as E-123 Omega from Sonic Malzaharfrom league of legends and many more. In total he has over 100 anime voice roles, he’s also voiced the merchant (Narrator) for the short film “Fallout: Nuka Break” he’s well on his way to reach 100 game voices, and on top of all that he’s a musician. He’s released around 20 singles and anime cover songs.

Quick trivia: Did you know Vic won an award for his voice acting? “The American Anime” award was bestowed upon him for his role as Edward Elric.

So who better to back up this amazing actor than Aaron Dismuke? Of course, Aaron played Alphose Elric (Edward’s little brother) sadly, he lost his role when his voice dropped! Aaron is not as well established as Vic, however is still really talented, he’s had a hand in two Full Metal Alchemist game, and a one piece game. He’s also had roles in Dragon Ball Z, and around 20 anime roles in total.

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Quick Trivia: Aaron was dropped and replaced with Maxey Whitehead, who is, of course female. Despite Alphose being a boy.

Birmingham MCM will be running alongside the memorabilia show at the NEC (Which is also amazing!) A ticket will get you access to both.