Published by Marvel

Cullen Bunn                        Writer

David Messina                   Penciler

Gary Erskine                       Inker

Javier Tartaglia                 Colourist


This is a book of two halves. The first is set in the highly specific period, ‘years ago’, and focuses on some sort of black-opps style Wolverine led mission. The second half is the mystery faced by Jimmy Hudson concerning his genetic history and a secret message sent to him by his father. The two are linked by the ambiguous codeword ‘Mothervine’.

If you are a fan of the Ultimate universe then this is probably worth your time. As a miniseries it looks like it might go some way to answering the questions left by Ultimate Comics: X in 2011. The problem is that it features Jimmy Hudson who, let’s face it, isn’t exactly Mr Personality. As if to reiterate the point he’s only allowed to be in half the pages. Jimmy was only ever there to be a Wolverine replacement and when compared to Daken, his 616 counterpart, he might as well be a rich tea biscuit.

Credit to Cullen Bunn, he has come up with a successfully intriguing plot having not much to work with. As the first of a four part series, this issue succeeds in setting up the premise and sparking our curiosity. There are a few surprise appearances in there too which are genuine eyebrow raisers.

The Art Adams cover shows a quite brutal, angry Wolverine having one of his berserker rages which is totally unrelated to the man we see inside. He remains utterly in control during the mission to protect a politician, giving tactical commands Scott Summers would be proud of.

In the present day, Jimmy and Black Box discover a hidden signal in a Wolverine hologram. Black Box is a welcome addition to these pages and we will hopefully see more of him as he accompanies Jimmy on his journey to discover the truth about his father and the hidden message. His technopathic powers certainly hold my interest, even in the small appearance he makes in this issue.

The artworks is familiar and comfortable but I think maybe could have been more edgy if coloured differently. Tartaglia’s layered shading style reminds me of Copic colouring and doesn’t do much to create an atmosphere.

If we don’t find out who Jimmy’s birth mother is I will…no – we just have to find out. Otherwise this title will be a complete let down.The appeal of this book is only achieved by its focus on Wolverine and what events in his life lead to the birth if Jimmy. It really does feel like they are squeezing every last drop out of entertainment out of his persona. I’m loving the introduction of unexpected characters but other than that it is leaving me feeling somewhat unenthused. Perhaps with two attempted relaunches under the belt of the already relaunched title, the ultimate universe story line is beginning to fizzle out.

Thanks to A Place In Space

By Beth Slater