Set after the death of Logan at the hands of Magneto, this series is based on Jimmy Hudson Logan’s son-, and he is out to find out the secrets of his past…

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Again the comic starts with a vague description of place and time, simply put- “Calcutta. Years ago.” And in this place… at this time, we get the back-story on how Logan discovers that he actually has son, at this stage Jimmy is just a baby in his mother’s arms, she hands the baby to Logan just before he puts his blades into her stomach… Back to the present we go, where quicksilver is still after Jimmy for his blood, but he won’t give it up easily, and so the fight breaks out between the pair and they both do some moderate damage to each-other! Writer Cullen Bunn is a good choice for this story and he has scripted and pieced it together considerably well, with the focus ultimately on Jimmy’s life; past, present and future.

wolverine ultimate comics #4

The ink by Gary Erskine is slick, and although a more edgy approach to the colours would better suit the whole mood for a “Wolverine” comic, he is very good at what he does. I personally prefer the artistic styling in “Wolverine MAX“, as I feel a more gritty approach works better for the character. The colours are also used in a way that would probably work better for spider-man or the avengers, but the blood and flesh in this issue is refreshing to look at! Between David Messina -penciller- and Erskine, a slick, often simplistic but realistic look is created. I love the way the panels are placed, and the pictures seem to move us along at a fairly fast pace, -although this could have something to do with all of the blurs and speed-lines accompanied by quicksilver and all of his dashing about!- In general the timing is well thought through though, and I enjoyed reading it. I have to say that I did get drawn in, and the over-all plot is very interesting.

Lettering is as basic as a lot of the other elements in the comic, with a few pleasant surprises from the sfx! The cover-art is well suited to the contents, with Jimmy walking in the footsteps of his father, but also becoming who he is… coincidentally, that being WOLVERINE!


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Cullen Bunn                David Messina               Gary Erskine

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