Uncanny #1

“Season of hungry ghosts, part one”

Published by Dynamite; Uncanny is supernatural meets film-noir, in a tale of a cynical man who has the power to read people like a book with a single touch of the flesh. But even with this extraordinary ability Weaver does not always make the right decisions as he confuses his capabilities with cockiness, as this very revealing first issue clearly interprets with an explosive fluidity. Weaver slips up from the word go and is faced with a two hundred thousand dollar debt and the powerful people who want to collect it as a result. In other words, Weaver is fucked!

Aaron Campbells perspective is so precise that you will feel proud to be a part of his vision, as he takes you on an adrenaline fuelled journey of suspense and uncertainty alongside writer Andy Diggle, who has proven once again that he can captivate his readers with ease with a style that keeps you constantly guessing and in turn demanding more. There is an undeniable sense of realism throughout that makes the story all the more believable which works perfectly with the plot of course; and the narrative and art put together create a world in which we can only wait to see more of as the series progresses. The use of colour appropriately matches Weavers mood from page to page, and the timing of each ever-changing scene is almost rhythmic, from the calm to the storm and then back again. The SFX help to add depth to the frequent action sequences.

uncanny #1

Even with all of its blood pumping adrenaline, Uncanny doesn’t fail to remain a cloak of secrecy and will have you asking questions like, just who is the mysterious girl on the motorbike? Who does she work for? And what trouble is Weaver going to get himself into next? Only Diggle and Campbell have the answers, and we’re itching to find out!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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