If you haven’t already figured it out for yourself, this is much more than just a spin-off comic… Like any of the new 52’s to date, the creative teams behind the plots that have shook the world have worked very hard to link them together seamlessly, and Vibe’s-own is no different. So as you can probably gather, seeing as Vibe is a member of A.R.G.U.S’s own Justice League, this story digs deeper into the whole conspiracy behind A.R.G.U.S, we know that their intentions are not good, so just what is their game? Vibe is visited by a “breacher” who stays long enough to basically give him some warning about the organization that recruited him, he is pulled back to his dimension before he gets a chance to deliver his complete message but has enough time to tell him that they are manipulating him and lying to him. Naturally Vibe wants to look into things further, but after the events of this issue he may find it considerably harder to get into the base to investigate than anticipated! After his run in with the breacher Vibe has got an obvious dis-trust for his organization who now need him to apprehend a female fugitive by the name of Gypsy, who poses as no immediate threat until she is being hunted down in the street, at this point we see what this sexy young “Gypsy” woman can do as she seems to shape-shift into people simply to escape the clutches of A.R.G.U.S. Naturally Vibe catches up with Gypsy but he can see that she is not one of the “bad-guys”, and he decides to directly disobey orders by helping her and blasting Dale and the other obedient, heavily armed-henchmen straight through the ceiling! We are left on a very interesting cliff-hanger and I look forward to reading the next issue, let’s just say that there will be some familiar and famous faces appearing in “Vibe”! There is a short scene all about the A.R.G.U.S henchman “Dale’s” gay marriage at the start of the comic too, giving us a look into his personal life. And of course we have more relative news from the 2-channel team at the end of the comic.


From what I can tell, everything about this comic is on-point and I particularly like the art-work, which has been produced by a handful of very talented artists -you can find all of them in the links I have put at the bottom of the page!-. The plot-line is great and ties in fantastically with the rest of the justice league series, so if you are following any of the justice league comics I would highly recommend this one… The way that Cisco Ramon’s -aka Vibe’s- vibrational powers are illustrated is astonishing and the multiple artist’s input certainly shows in the finished product. The lettering and sfx are impressive too and are particularly big and bright in the “VBRBRBRBRBRBRBRRRR” of Vibes blasts of vibration!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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