I think this comic may actually be cursed… Here I am listening to the pulp fiction soundtrack and enjoying my copy of “werewolves: the hunger” at the same time, and as it nears the end of “girl, you’ll be a woman soon”, there it is, the same song fully illustrated in the all-paws veterinary clinic playing on the radio! Strange coincidence? Well by the look of ZENESCOPE COMICS -the publishers-, there are many strange occurrences just waiting to happen, all things supernatural will be covered from zombies, werewolves and vampires, they’re even including stories from Neverland, OZ and Wonderland! And they have some sexy looking sketches ready for their alternative takes on Alice, little-red and Dorothy! Saucy stuff!


This instalment of “WEREWOLVES: THE HUNGER” presented by “Grimm Fairy Tales”, is about a werewolf hunter named Roman Asher who escaped his imprisonment in the shadowlands, a hellish prison in another dimension where all of the supernatural creatures were trapped for hundreds of years when they had been banished from earth. As you can probably guess they too have escaped the prison and have descended upon earth once again! Roman wants revenge on these beasts for the torture they inflicted on him in the shadowlands, so he is now a lone warrior in the hunt for these creatures of the night!

werewolves #1


There are some great ideas here, and why not turn all things supernatural into one big stew-pot of comic madness?! If it’s cooked properly it could make your mouth water, but at the moment I feel that it is not quite ready. After reading the enthralling introduction I worked up a real appetite, but to be perfectly honest the gravy was rather bland. Don’t get me wrong the writing is good, but with a story full of demonic creatures I would expect a lot more blood and less wooden-rambling.

The lettering is brilliant, and the slight changes in font make all the difference when it comes to defining the characters and giving some individuality to their voices -werewolves included!-. SFX are used well, in all the right places.


Generally the art is good, the characters are well drawn and the comic is inked fairly well, strong points being the use of tone in the colours and light and shade on most characters. I especially like the way the light is exaggerated around Rolly’s face in his immersed-in-darkness close up. There is a rough look to some of the art which is on the verge of being amateur, but I think this is down to the overly thick black-ink outlines which have sadly been used throughout the comic.

To be honest this is a fairly poor attempt at something that should be exciting, horrific and dynamic. I am looking forward to seeing the saucy fairy tale b#*$£&’s in action though zenescope! I just hope the stories and the art will make for better comic’s.


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