Well the new website has been up and running since Friday, so what exactly can we draw from it?

Spotlight Guests

Well for sure the main name(s) haven’t been announced yet? Don’t get me wrong, the names they have announced are good, it’s just that they aren’t quite the big ones that will hopefully be announced. Speculation is rife over the web on who it or they could be… names currently floating around are Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Robert Kirkman and the return of Stan Lee.

For a start, we can rule out Jim Lee (as taken from Twitter, 4th Sept):

As for the rest who knows…all rumours so please take it as that!


Zenescope – Best known for publishing Grimm Fairy Tales, (I personally read them) so this is a big one for me, I did meet them personally at San Diego this year.

Markosia – UK Independent publisher, who I have had the pleasure of chatting to on many occasion. Great people and always I am happy to support the independents.

Could we have Marvel or DC turning up? Who knows…

In the coming weeks I am sure we will see this list grow.

The comic shops will be back with the likes of Limited Edition Comics and A Place in Space.

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Again reasonably priced considering the size and draw of the event, no VIP tickets as of yet but who says this won’t change?


Now every convention in the USA has some form of exclusives, whether it’s variant covers or exclusive toys. Taking that LSCC is focusing purely on comics, we can probably rule out the toys aspect of exclusives. So down to the comic exclusives.

Zenescope love their variants as as one of the cover artists will be present Elias Chatzoudis, could we have an exclusive cover from a Zenescope publication, likelihood is high, actually very high. We had one last year from Hot Flips (oh they will be back for 2013 for all your comic garb) See below for pic for Zenescopes last years exclusive.

We had a Transformers exclusive from IDW as well. Sorry have a copy but not a pic.

Hopefully the likes of Marvel, DC and Image might get involved in the act. Maybe a Walking Dead Variant UK cover who knows. Yes I am likely to be dreaming, but if any one convention has the numbers, it’s LSCC, and Charlie Adlard is British so why not?

Just like San Diego and NYCC, we will be getting LSCC T-Shirts and much more, something to remember the convention by.

Well that’s the assumptions I can make. LSCC is rightly keeping any and all info close to their chest and giving us a update every month ’til the convention.

Should we hear anything we will be sure to let you know.