You take your books to the CGC (or, in this case, DWC) booth, drop them off & fill out the CGC paperwork which indicates which creators you’re looking to have sign your books. You pay upfront (the cost is dependent on the number of books, the tier they’re submitted under and whether the creators you’re interested in charge for their autographs), the facilitator does their best to make sure your books get signed, and the books are then submitted to CGC.

Several months later (the length is dependent on the chosen tier for the books), you get a shiny cardboard box in the mail filled to the brim with your freshly-slabbed yellow-labelled beauties.

There are numerous variations on this procedure – you can fill out the CGC paperwork beforehand (if you have a Collector’s Society account you can do it online & print out the forms), and if you want to see your books getting signed, you can usually go to the booth, ask for a witness & they’ll come over with you to watch the signing – but that’s basically the gist of it.

No matter what, I’d strongly suggest prepping (aka window-boarding) the books yourself prior to the show – the goal is to minimize the amount of actual physical contact with your books (to ensure the grade stays the same), and having the books window-bagged & ready to go is the best way of doing this.

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Time frames

I asked a few questions to Desert Wind Comics


You did not have to be a CGC member to submit books to get graded.

We take care of everything.

We can authenticate anyone at the show.  Our CAW will go with the person and watch it get signed or  the books can be dropped off and the CAW will go with a batch of books.

Of course since we will have only one CAW, we will need to schedule and organize to cover everyone but this should be more than possible.

Time in business days

The grading time is 20 business days for moderns (post 1980, under $200 in value), 40 for economies (any date, less than $300 in value), 15 for standards (less than $1000 in value), 5 for express (less than $3000), and 1 day for walk-throughs (over $3000).

We are not sure at this point how long it will take to ship to and from the UK.

We are working on collecting all the data.

Prices please check CGC Website for most uptodate info