The convention calendar grows year on year, a combination of many different factors have all aligned to increase the awareness of comics and bring more people to these events. There are still a lot who argue the validity of the “Comic Con” title.  MCM for instance liberally pour the title over all of their events, yet the actual comic related aspects can’t even compete with the hometown conventions such as Melksham and Nottingham.

We try to list only comic related events on our site, initially to keep the list in some sort of order, but even now we find ourselves with huge amounts appearing. So 2015, what does it bring us?

True Believers

An inaugural event, Kickstarter backed, hosted at Cheltenham Race Course.  Initially had the mighty machine, Neal Adams, lined up however due to unreported reasons he pulled out.  Still though, a comics based event run by comics fans and the first event of the calendar year.

London Super Comic Convention

The first biggie and best event for the true comic fan.  Sure, the organisers find themselves branching out to the cosplay aspects which have become ubiquitous at these events and courted some controversy amongst die-hard fans when they announced a cosplayer as a star, but at the core of the event it’s difficult to argue the pedigree of the comic guests. John Romita, Jr. returns to London once more, Neal Adams once again drops his financially astute team on centre stage, Lee Bermejo, Mark Brooks, Mahmud Asrar, Ed McGuinness, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bob Layton, Klaus Janson and Dave Gibbons are but a few more of the names on most people’s lists this year.  No discerning comic fan should miss this one.

Edinburgh Comic Con

Last year saw the inaugural “Something Bloody Awesome” drop into the culturally famed city. We all asked, “why hasn’t someone done this before?”  This year sees a more grown-up approach, with a renaming of the event to “Something More Bloody Apt” (sorry James!) and already promises some great names, with Jim Cheung and Kev Hopgood on the list as starters.

The Birmingham Comics Festival

BICS used to be great, no doubt about it.  Many Midlanders (myself included) mourned the demise of the event, particularly when we saw so much more going on. Looking to take on the mantle (along with ICE), the organisers at the Birmingham Comics Festival have sought a new venue outside of the city and have made quite the effort to diversify convention guests in the UK. Jonathon Maberry is a big headliner, with Ian Kennedy, Keith Page and Lucio Parillo also added to the list.  This has all the potential to be an excellent event and is worthy of peoples’ support to help get it up and running.  Birmingham is a very convenient place, with an enormous catchment areas, it’s a crime that we have to suffer the MCM events (or not, as the case may be) and we welcome a new event to the city.

Glasgow Comic Con

Although it’s too early to really say at this point, this con has gone from strength to strength in previous years and was the first to really tap the potential of Scottish creators.  With the likes of Morrison, Starlin and Quitely opening the first convention, you always knew this was going to be big in the coming years.


Whatever your inclination, it seems the 2015 will be the year for it.