The reason this site exists is this: there was no simple, easy to follow, at a glance look at what conventions and expos were taking place in the UK throughout the year.  So we decided to make one.  Neil is the original founder of the site, albeit in a much smaller incarnation than it now currently is and is also the suffererer of the burden of server costs and having to keep up with Dom.  Reading comics from the earliest age imaginable, starting off with the typical Beano and Dandy, through Battle, Action Force, Transformers, Secret Wars (UK) and then onto the American comics in the 80s after enjoying the Marvel UK stuff so much.  Still stuck firmly in the 80s, his favourite read is still Nexus, American Flagg and Punisher comics although these days he does read a few more books (to say the least!).  Current favourites are Chew and Skullkickers but still a stalwart with stuff like Fables, Invincible and Walking Dead.


If there’s a person who goes out of his way to get things, it’s Dom.  Our intrepid reporter and promoter, Dom is responsible for many of the contacts, interviews and scoops on the conventions listed.  As well as contributing to the website, Dom also works for Desert Wind comics and CGC hugely increasing the contacts that the site uses.

Custard Trout

Our youngest member of the team. He’s an author, and is working on a comic series. His first book is called “Graceful Insanity”. He’s a Star Wars fanatic, and proudly holds a council seat in Jedi Religion (Church of Jediism). He also suffers from a rare condition called CRPS
Favourite heroes: Thor, Judge Dredd, Aquaman
If he could have a super power: Discoball vision

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