WOLVERINE MAX #6. Wolverine’s getting down and dirty again in another great issue, as part of marvels MAX collection. You can expect the usual explicit content, the violence and colourful scripting which is aimed at the more mature, blood-thirsty audience… and I bloody love it! Wolverine is right at home in these comics without a doubt, he is able to express all of his raw thoughts and emotions, and we all know that Logan has plenty of them to deliver…  And if you’re as psyched about the upcoming Wolverine film as I am, then this is the comic to read!

To keep you all up to date, Logan has just left Japan following a plane crash of which he was accused of causing, the crash left him with no memories and so he stayed in Japan to piece the details of his troubled life back together. He restored the legacy of the yashida clan, the family of his former lover, Mariko, and helped authorities to catch former ally Victor Creed who was the real culprit behind the plane crash. So from this issue he is looking to start a new life, in a new city- the city of angels.

In his new beach side-spot, the setting sun cascading over the sands, Logan has found a bitch to keep him company. One he can really connect with… A loyal alsatian dog who was stray and in need of care; they make the perfect match! Showing us the clarity of a man and dog relationship compared to the complications a woman brings into a man’s life, is plain and clear in this issue, and it makes for a great story-line and start to the new chapter of Logan’s life too. The girl in this story is a cute red head in a bikini, the dialect she uses automatically informed me that she was from England. Her name is Candy Cassidy! -sounds like a porn-star right? well she’s certainly in that area of work!- She asks Logan if he could be her driver/”bodyguard”, and Logan in need of money after leaving Japan with very little of it, accepts the offer. Logan begins to grow an attraction to Candy, knowing full well what sort of baggage this kind of girl carries with her. Things soon spiral out of control when one of her clients try to rape her, Wolverine won’t stand for it of course, the claws are out and he flies into one of his rages tearing into everyone in his path as he brings a war to their front door in full force! But their is more than meets the eye, as these weren’t you’re average guys that he just rumbled for this girl that he had only just met, and there is definitely more to come.

wolverine max #6

Not only do the creator’s of this series take us from the playful and peaceful pleasures of Venice beach, right into the sleazy, criminal underworld of Cali in one issue, the plot escalates from love to war too, and leaves us on a cliffhanger that will have you begging for more blood!

I think that the artwork works wonders with the gritty and ingeniously written storyline from writer Jason Starr. It is sketchy which is what gives this comic it’s edginess and all out raw look, but the use of bright, vivid colours really set the scene too, making the place all the more real. The sound effects come into play when Logan loses his rag after a suspenseful build up of events, and into full force when “snikt“… out come the Wolverine’s claws! The action sequences are adrenaline fuelled and violent, just how we like them then!

Get ready for war with Wolverine MAX! And get a real insight into the nature of the Wolverine and Logan too. This is, in my opinion, one of Wolverine’s best ever storyline’s, and it couldn’t have been portrayed any better by anyone else.

Thanks again to a place in space, for supplying this comic to me with comic bag and board!


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